About Me

About Me
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East Coast Style, West Coast Chill, Miami Charm
(its different from southern charm, trust me on this)

Miami to Minneapolis. Minneapolis to Miami. Miami/New York (summers as a 19 year old with no responsiblities in NYC? Priceless), back to Minneapolis. The location and culture differences in these places gave me insight into how different people think and act, what makes them tick. Psychology was a natural fit in college, plus what 18 year old really knows what they want to do with the rest of their life? After a few years I decided psychology wasn't quite the right fit, got a job in the corporate world and started advancing. When that corporate life came to a halt due to jobs being moved out of state, I seized a opportunity to go back to school, all expenses paid. Cue life shift. Go big or go home. Not only did I change careers, I moved from the burbs to the city, changed my lifestyle into one of health/wellness and generally just started doing what makes me happy.

While persuing my degree in Web and Interactive Media I discovered my love of code, design and motion graphics. These interests + studying psychology + being corporate world savy, meant a natural transition into Advertising and Marketing. I love the variety involved in the work I do: problem solving, resource finding, going crazy finding the unclosed bracket in pages of code, deciding which image will sell (hint, its never the one you think), and breaking down the impossible end goal into the steps needed to get it done.

When not in front of a computer, I can be found running around downtown Minneapolis with my dog-meat rescue pup Lilly (shameless plug @itslillypad), at the Orpehum, the gym or hopping a plane to my next adventure (next up, Bali and Italy!).

Quick Q&A:

Coffee Shop: Spyhouse
Dream Vacation Spot: My 9th grade georgraphy teach told me I'd "find a nice boy" to take me to Italy. A trip there is booked for my 35th birthday, and guess what Mr. Frank, I'm taking myself.
Mac or PC: Apple products all the way
Cocktail of Choice: Seasonal Smash at Parlour
Best Workout: Lift heavy sh*t
Favorite Podcast: Anything from Crooked Media, #FotP
Music: Pop! I was 13 in 2000, Boybands, Britney, Christina and the gang were my jam (lets be honest, they still are sometimes)
Personality: INTJ(A), ambivert, Pisces (if you're into that kind of thing)