Breit Touch Massage and Bodywork

This logo and business card layout was done for a small business in Fargo, North Dakota. The client had been using a generic business card and requested a logo and redesign of her business card. Working with font style and color scheme requirements, over the course of a few weeks the design went from worded concepts to the final product. I also assisted her in creating a branding concept, giving her business a cohesive look across the board, from brochures to staff shirts.

“Brenna had been a breath of fresh air to work with: She is very knowledgeable and professional in her craft, wonderful to work with, and completed the work in a very timely fashion! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create or re-vamp their business logo and branding concept.” - Ashley Breitzman


Logo & Print Design
Business card for Breit Touch
tank top with apparel logo

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